Rent Our Center

The Center for Spiritual Living extends to its congregation and the Bitterroot community the use of its Center for events / workshops / meetings / parties / discussion groups / etc.

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To do a workshop, class, or activity at CSL please fill out our Program Guide and send to Pat Murphy.




For use of the Center, please contact our CSL Center Manager, Serenity at 381-4068.



Our Center

Our 2000 sq.ft. Center is located in Selway Commons, north of Sears on Hwy 93 in Hamilton. We have one room we use for our Sanctuary and another is a Social Hall & Kitchenette.  The Center is wheelchair accessible and has plenty of parking.

The Kitchenette has a refrigerator, microwave oven, convection/toaster oven, 1 hotplate burner, 2 10/12-cup coffee pots, and 1 30-cup hot water pot.

The Center has tables and chairs for 50 which can be moved/removed, one easel, one easel/whiteboard, and one screen.

Center Use Guidelines

The Center is strictly Non-smoking!


  • Take out your garbage and replace liners
  • Vacuum the Center and leave it, the kitchenette and bathroom, and windows clean
  • Wipe and dry tables and chairs and put back the way they were found
  •  (Please no food down sink!)
  • Deposit the fee (if you haven’t already) along with the completed Fee Deposit Info (found in the Lending Library)
  • Checks payable to CSL-BV
  • Turn down the thermostat to 55°. Turn off the lights
  • Ensure all the doors are locked and curtains drawn
  • Then replace the key to the Front Door Lock-box

Thank you and have yourself a blessed day!

Rental Fee Schedule

Download the Rental Fee Schedule as a Word Document

Download the Rental Fee Schedule as a pdf

 Rental Agreement

Download the Rental Agreement as a Word Document

Download the Rental Agreement as a pdf